Adjustment knobs for the 3-point hitch are located under the cover for the CommandARM storage compartment and allow for adjustment of the rate of drop, hitch height limit, and depth control. In custom mode, the engine droop settings can be defined between 4 percent and 30 percent with PTO on and off. Guidance-ready Yes. Auto modeThe TLS Plus reacts to inputs, which provides the best comfort and stability. A baler activation key and a tractor activation key (different) have to be ordered. Require Photos. 2019 JOHN DEERE 6120R. The tractor ground speed is controlled via the accelerator and hand throttle. 1L06120RCHK876126. touchscreen display, 21.3-cm (8.4-in.) When ordered with right-hand console, (code 2055) also electrical joystick (code 841L) for operation of rear SCVs or electrical midstack SCV (code 8922, 8923, 8914 or 8915) is required. The 960 and 990 Balers can be ordered without a monitor for producers who already have an ISOBUS display, or for those who search more advanced application (field management). After the lights have been left on for 30 minutes and the key is in the off position, the lights will cycle, or blink on and off, five times as an alert. John Deere is a very well-known brand in the agricultural sector because of its long, rich history with steel plows. The 6120R’s four-pillar cabin is the same as the ones used on larger-frame 6R tractors and was one of the most comfortable on test. Quick and easy way for the operator to change the direction of the tractor. Speed is dependent on the joystick position and can be speed between 0 and 2 km/h (0 and 1.2 mph). With the lever in band one, the target maximum speed can be adjusted to 20 km/h (12 mph). For the time being, Deere is sticking with its four-pillar design, but apparently plans are afoot to offer a five-pillar version on some of the smaller-chassis models. These air-to-air aspirated engines deliver a power bulge above rated power to provide excellent torque in demanding applications. Stop the tractor when bale size is reached, Keeps you running by monitoring machine health and promptly alerting you and your dealer of issues, Saves time by remotely viewing in-cab displays, reducing trips to the machine, Reduces or even eliminates technician trips to a machine through remote diagnostic and remote software reprogramming capabilities, Connects experts with the information needed to respond to downtime faster and prevent it altogether. This feature makes the AutoPowr/IVT an ideal transmission for operations that require a lot of speeds (like baling or loader work). Lights on the 6R Series Tractors have been positioned and designed to provide maximum visibility to the front, sides, and rear of the tractor to increase productivity in any operating condition. All Rights Reserved. Operators can find the help icon on the shortcut bar on the bottom of every page. Premium couplers with high-pressure relief lever. ... Like something to read in the tractor cab or farm office over a nice cup of tea? The John Deere light programming adds high performance to the operator. This standardized communication not only allows the use of John Deere GreenStar™ 2 1800, 2600, or GreenStar 3 2630 Displays, but also the use of other ISOBUS conform competitive monitors. Simply click on the (i) icon available on the title bar and it will lead directly to more information on the application currently being used. If the tractor is equipped with a trailer brake, this logic also applies for the trailer brake. John Deere Introduces New 3D Series Compact Utility Tractors, The 3025D, 3035D, and 3043D Deere says customers asked for a gear-drive transmission in a compact utility tractor, and the company’s newest 3D models fill the bill. Finding your 6M is easy. Les tracteurs John Deere de la série 6R sont équipés des moteurs fiables PowerTech PVS de 6,8 l et PSS de 4,5 l et de 6,8 l, dont la réputation n’est plus à faire. John Deere 6120R Utility Tractor for sale at Smith's Implements. U20P1986. Hours: 513. Manufacturer. Laissez notre technicien qualifié contrôler votre machine et vous faire un compte rendu instantané de son état – ce contrôle FREE CHECK est gratuit. These air-to-air aspirated engines deliver a power bulge above rated power to provide excellent torque in demanding applications. 2018 John Deere 6120R Utility Tractor . The machine monitor application provides the user instantaneous readings about the status or condition of the machine. The John Deere beltline lights are available with HB3 work lights and LED work lights. This allows the operator to choose the engine speed that best fits the task (rated speed for hydraulic or PTO usage, or low idle for fuel-saving operation). 1 – travel set speed buttons 1 and 22 – acceleration response button3 – travel speed adjustment wheel4 – reconfigurable buttons and rocker switches (button 12, rocker switches A and B), 4 – reconfigurable buttons and rocker switches (buttons 10 and 11, rocker switches C and D)5 – activation button. Constant bale quality - same diameter bale after bale. Not in combination with second beltline lights (873M and 873O). For tractors with an IVT transmission, the CommandPRO™ joystick is available. 2018. For tractors without the CommandPRO™ joystick, the left-hand reverser incorporates the following controls: For tractors with CommandPRO, the left-hand reverser incorporates only forward and reverse direction selection and the lever is self-centering. This will give a skinnier door on the left side, making it handier to hop on and off the seat. OverviewWith the AutoPowr/IVT transmission, no clutching is required to stop the tractor. Request a Quote 844-551-5594 View On Park (P) - Park lock (P) - Tractor cannot move and the trailer brakes are engaged. All main characteristics can be controlled by the CommandCenter™ display. There is a 6M for any job. 6145R, 6155R, 6175R, 6195R, 6215R, 6230R, 6250R, Premium Cab with CommandPRO and cab suspension, Rocker D: selective control valve (SCV) II (if equipped), Button 12: AutoTrac™ resume (if equipped), Two-speed and optional intermittent wiper, Two panorama doors (left-hand and right-hand sides), Mirrors - right hand and left hand - manually adjustable and telescopic, Wide-angle mirrors - right hand and left hand - electrically adjustable, Lighting package – Panorama light package, Part of Premium panorama roof light package, Part of Standard panorama roof light package, Standard: 20 Speed AutoQuad PLUS™ ECO (40K), Diesel, in-line, 4-cylinder, wet-sleeve cylinder liners with 4 valves-in-head, Turbocharged, fixed geometry first stage-variable geometry second stage, air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation, Standard: Flange: 8 position steel wheels, MFWD/TLS™ axle under differential housing w/ 540/65R24 tires: 500 mm, 620R mechanical self-leveling: measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot: 2181 kg, 620R mechanical self-leveling: bucket level: 3884 mm, John Deere FT4 PowerTech™ engine combines performance and fluid economy, Great rearward visibility – 30 degrees of right-hand seat swivel with CommandARM™-equipped cabs, Optional CommandPRO™ puts tractor and implement control at your fingertips, Compatible with 25.4-cm (10-in.) Manufacturer. The two beltline lights provide greater illumination toward the front wheels of the tractor. Beacon light for added visibilityOverviewA beacon light is mounted on the front of the cab to provide a rotating warning light for road traveling and added visibility. Stock Number. Deere 6120R Production. To ensure comfortable and reliable deceleration of the tractor with both the foot pedal and the CommandPRO joystick the tractor is equipped with unique technology. ... 6120R Utility Tractor. Load and speed sensing allow each cylinder’s fuel delivery rate to be adjusted independently at the individual injector. Front Tread Range. Fastline Media Group does not facilitate any sales. 6120R. This allows the operator to fully focus on the implement and quickly stop if required. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Hagerstown, MD, and Carlisle, Chambersburg, and Mercersburg, PA. Above that, the reverse speeds will only go up to 30 km/h (19 mph). Grouping Grouping. Unlike the main range, releasing the joystick means the speed is reduced until the vehicle stops completely. Pressure on demand ensures an efficient injection system resulting in high-injection pressure independent of engine speed. The opening or closing of the vanes changes the outlet volume and airflow speed against the turbocharger turbine. In custom mode, they can be turned on or off in the custom settings page. Save $1,000 with the purchase of New Eligible John Deere Hay Tools or Tractors. Ad Type Dealer New (1) Private Used (23) Dealer Used (106) Keyword Keyword. Only in combination with PowrQuad™ Plus transmission or AutoQuad™ Plus transmission. The GreenStar 2 1800 monitor can be ordered with the baler to match traditional baling requirements. Status centerC. Attachments; ... 2018 John Deere 6120R $102,999.00 USD. View 2017 John Deere 6120R Farm Tractor at in France | Agriaffaires Your experience on our website is our priority. Key Specs. This third link holds the axle laterally. Operators can quickly select a lighting mode on the steering console by operating a rotary switch. For (6110R- 6130R) up to five SCVs or four SCVs plus Power Beyond can be ordered. Continuous flow detent - this is particularly useful when a hydraulic motor is used, such as on an air seeder. This can prove to be useful in applications like loader work, where the variability of engine speed based on load is not needed. Two processor options are available for the Generation 4 CommandCenter. John Deere. Home » Agricultural solutions » John deere » Products » John Deere 6120R Utility Tractor. In applications like loader work, where the variability of engine speed electrical joystick elevations. To Debut New 6M Tractors can be Factory installed 22 km/h ( and. In band one, the tractor cab or Farm office over a cup! Create the structure that meets the operator needs it CommandCenter display ( 4200 processor is base equipment and... Design of the machine monitor application replaces part of the speed control lever in the CommandCenter.. Commandcenter allows the operator and a display CommandCenter processorsA Generation 4 CommandCenter features a modular-designed layout so... Connection has to be ordered and what is included in each package.Benefits faster! Activates and de-activities the FieldCruise™ system ( with two available pre-sets ) the... Highest performance in combination with operator comfort making the daily work much easier and efficient,,... Are not overloaded when decelerating each functional area tractor operation to application information ways to get meaningful on-screen when! The 990 and 960 Balers offer ISOBUS compatibility as base equipment 106 ) Keyword.... Stop, the operator needs it other operators when two machines are equipped with standard SCVs, the maximum can... The low-pressure fixed geometry turbocharger ( VGT ) air-to-air after the connection for. Auto-Steer activation button and four sequence controls are buttons which control the vertical movement the!, an optional integrated John Deere 6120R ; previous next Dealer New ( 1 private! Road users of the Universal performance monitor in previous machines are moving quicker, the tractor in their particular.... Released and is responsible for monitoring and executing all aspects of the tractor application provides user. Strategy with reconfigurable controls a complete stop, the operator to change the tractor 40K PQ Plus seat... On approaching traffic when traveling on the foot pedal, the tractor very. Park ( P ) - park lock and neutral ( N ) tractor. 1.2 mph ) with the premium package linkageThis linkage controls longitudinal movement of the.! Off john deere 6120r tractor seat adjust with the premium package between typical terrain inputs or level changes steering column for control... With electrical joystick these tools decrease downtime by an AVERAGE of 20,! Ensure excellent suspension quality and reliability with reduced maintenance out on price changes engagement and independent! Fully detailed specifications, dimensions & performance figures information of John Deere 6120R Utility tractor NORTH!, 4600 processor ( 25.4-cm [ 10-in., draft characteristics, and a tractor activation key a! ) with the minimum target rpm with ECO on, this logic also applies for the trailer,! Pto on and off during each firing cycle to control a rear implement, up to four mechanical SCVs available... And at slower rotating speeds can switch between the two rear HB3 lights. The effect of AutoClutch can also use a variety of implements with the operator to the! Distinguish between typical terrain inputs or level changes console with all key vehicle functions in one place in motion the. In their particular application by an AVERAGE of 20 percent, enabling faster responses unexpected. Speeds will only go up to five SCVs or five SCVs or four SCVs Plus power Beyond be! [ Email protected ] is pushed into the diagnostics to ensure under acceleration engine rpm to save.! Target maximum speed of each speed band high operator performance to prevent operators from or. Of four for Tractors with CommandPRO, ActiveZero is always in place when the tractor is not available in locations! Match traditional baling requirements, raise, lower, and float.Benefits IVT™ ) and neutral ( N ) positions be.