20 Qs . Share. This test covers a few topics in Purposive Communication course which include speech types according to purpose and delivery, characteristics of academic writing, types of information sources, and APA writing style. Audience profile b. Don't be wasteful; protect our environment. The Body The body is the largest part of the speech, where you provide the audience with the major supporting materials. If you are going to talk about the types of sports you have to talk about them all. Take Quizzes. Speech Writing Principles DRAFT. 62% average accuracy. The purpose of advance stories for meetings and speeches is to. 3 days ago by. Editing and/ or Revising. You must […] I choose a speech topic that interests me and my audience. 4. Speeches can be written for weddings, for birthdays, civil ceremonies, graduations, funerals, anniversaries, even book launches! flashcard sets, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Rhetorical Questions for English Learners. What is the purpose of your speech? It's called Developing the Body of a Speech: Outline & Principles, and it covers the following: 16 chapters | | 12 6. Sign up for free to create engaging, inspiring, and converting videos with Powtoon. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 lessons in math, Services, Quiz & Worksheet - Principles for Developing the Body of a Speech. 0. English. The literary term, Figures of Speech, is covered in this multiple choice quiz. 11th grade . Which part of speech names a person, place, or thing? 106 lessons Please review the definition and examples before you complete the Figures of Speech quiz. Various Future Forms for English Learners. I conduct audience analysis before preparing a speech. An outline determines whether your supporting ideas match your main idea or not. pronouncing the words and speaking with clear diction that effectively transmits the message of the speaker. _____1. Layout – How are you going to lay it out? The quiz that follows tests your knowledge both of speech writing and of speech delivering. Verb: I don't want to cook, let's go to a restaurant instead. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. When speaking persuasively, directly state what is good or bad and why you think so near the If you got all three correct, you are on your way to becoming a Champion in Speech Writing. Watch a video below to see how it is used. Take this Mini-Quiz to check your understanding of the lesson material. Preparing the conclusion. Seven main points are a lot for an audience to follow. Articulation. Save. Directions:Choose the letter of the best answer choice for the following descriptions of the four types of speeches. Style – Formal style – standard English 3. by Ron Kurtus (2 March 2013) Take this Mini-Quiz to check your understanding of the lesson material. I plan my speech effectively by following the speech writing process. You should include some experience or knowledge that shows why you are credible on the topic. Principles of Speech Writing 2. 20 Qs . Stage Presence. For example, cook is both a verb and a noun. Click on a button to bookmark or share this page through Twitter, Facebook, email, or other services: The Web address of this page is: _____2. 2. I maximize the use of outlines to make my ideas coherent. Narrowing down a topic. This for any college student taking a final exam for a speech class. Selecting a speech pattern. Speechwriting, as the experts note, is a talent that uses certain basic principles. When I’m writing speeches for people, … Multiple Choice Quiz. A sports topic does not follow the principle of subordination very well. Do you have any questions, comments, or opinions on this subject? Use this lesson to find out more. thee capability to adjust or manipulate the resonance and timbre of vocal tone. When you need to emphasize collectiveness with your audience, use the personal pronoun “we.” 4. Speech C. Principles of Speech Writing a. _____1. Public Speaking Principle #7 Practice. The speaker must be mindful of the culture of the Speaker and Audience, ages, gender as well as social status, religious affiliation. Speech Writing 2. Developing the Body of a Speech: Outline & Principles, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Preparation & Speaking Outlines: Differences & Importance, Outlining a Speech: Standard Form & Organization Pattern, The Importance of Introductions & Conclusions for Speeches, Grabbing the Audience's Attention: Methods & Tips, Effective Transitions in a Speech: Creation & Importance, Selecting the Topic, Purpose, and Thesis of Your Speech, Selecting and Incorporating Visual Supports, Required Assignments for Communications 101, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Understand the principle of outlining topics with regard to general and specific thoughts, Interpret principles for balanced patterns, Understand how to outline main points of a speech. The quiz and worksheet will allow you to practice skills: Want to know more about the principles for developing a body of speech? This quiz is incomplete! 3 days ago by. Whether you are a communications pro or a human resources executive, the time will come when you will need to write a speech for yourself or someone else. 1. 2. Choosing the Topic Timely Interesting to you (Speaker) and to the Listener/Audience Controversial Must be of the level of knowledge of both the Speaker and the Audience. 3. Make an Impact. Modulation. mixed speech: D) successive bilingualism: 13: The literacy approach that emphasizes a set of skills children needed to master before beginning formal reading instruction is known as what? Inspiring- the speech need to be a homily to be inspiring, but it may be one that makes the listeners feel good about themselves, the occasion, and the topic. The Verb. This test covers a few topics in Purposive Communication course which include speech types according to purpose and delivery, characteristics of academic writing, types of information sources, and APA writing style.