Seal all cracks around exterior doors and windows with caulk. Different methods that accelerate drying times can make wood filler shrink if the filler hasn't been applied properly. Totally waste of the time. Before you screw it onto the caulking gun top, put a dab of petroleum jelly in to reduce air and Not the same thing as the original. It does not work for me. Safety Instructions for the Application of Epoxy Filler Also, when working with epoxy putty, care must be taken to ensure safety, as you may come into contact with potentially hazardous substances. When cured, good filler sands with minimal effort to a satiny finish. Reply Delete They recommend Famo solvent, but I don't have any and don't have time to wait for an order to come in. Mike Guertin has a tip that will keep oil-based putty from drying out. All wood fillers, whether solvent- or water-based, are not equal. But after applying the renewed filler and let it dry, it is very soft and will break into powder easily when you squeeze a dry peace of it. If there is a crust on your wood filler, remove it first and just add a small amount of water to your filler and mix it thoroughly. Look for good adhesion. I buy whatever size container is cheapest, but I never get through it fast enough. Use another piece of scrap or putty knife to scrape away excess wood filler; Let the mixture dry overnight; Use a file or sandpaper to smooth it out. Clean the hole or crack you are going to fill, and free it of any dust or debris. For those that use Famo-wood filler, what can I mix with it to get a thinner consistency? Unfortunately, it can dry out easily if you don’t use this simple hack. Use a large Wire Nut, they are practically invented for this purpose. Acetone makes it dry really fast, though. 6 … Physics will be physics. Good filler will not shrink when dry or pop out of repairs. If you're using an oil-based product, you could just seal the lid tightly when you're done and hope that when you come back the putty isn't rock hard, but there's a better way. Besides, its not like this wood filler is expensive! How do you keep your wood filler from drying out (besides using it all before that happens)? Always keep paint out of reach of children. Final Results – DIY Wood Filler The dosing tube of the epoxy filler cartridge must be cleaned carefully after work to prevent the compound from drying out. Mike Guertin has a tip that will keep oil-based putty from drying out. Inform your clients of these facts, and don't rely on humidifiers or other sources of moisture to prevent normal winter conditions. How to Keep Wood Filler From Drying Out . Secondly, can you add water to dried out wood filler? Wood will be wood. Apply the Wood Filler. Learn Mike's method here. Wood filler is a product you always want to have on-hand to easily fix furniture pieces. Preparing the Hole. I can make a dry-out wood filler muddy again by adding hot water and microwaving, no problem for this part. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Only use as much as you’ll need at a given time, because any unused wood filler will quickly dry out and become unusable. I really like a flat file, as it allows me to keep the surface even with the non-damaged areas. Bottom line: Winter weather dries out wood flooring, causing gaps, possibly increasing squeaks and opening surface cracks. Forum Responses (Cabinetmaking Forum) From contributor N: I have always used acetone or lacquer thinner. Whether you choose to use a solvent- or water-based filler, check out the steps below to make your wood filler dry faster. Use a putty knife to spread the mixed wood filler into all gaps, holes, and cracks, including the holes you made for the wood hardener. The following steps will help keep the wood in your house dry so fungi don’t have a chance to set up shop.